Monday, July 13, 2015

Jasper report with netbeans IDE, mysql,JavaEE, Primefaces. part 2

Hello guys. In this post I will show you how to set up the netbeans IDE in order to complete our task which is to create a report using jasper report engine. Details can be found here

1.Setting up netbeans. The installation for netbeans is fairly an easy task. Am not going to show you how to do that but briefly I will show you how to link netbeans with mysql and glassfish. In case your netbeans is set already, you can skip to part 3 of this post.

a). Adding mysql support. Locate the service tab as indicated in the image below.

Right click on Databases and select New connection. On the driver option, select MySQL (Connector/j driver). Press next and on the next dialog, ensure that the details are accurate.Enter the correct username and password. In case you have problems, it could be that you have not set mysql password for the username entered.

b). Adding glassfish server. If you downloaded the netbeans for JavaEE developers, glassfish will automatically be added when you install netbeans. You can skip this to here.

In case your netbeans doesn't have glassfish server added, under the services tab, right click on server, select add server. the server option select glassfish.On the installation location, search the location you have stored your glassfish server.the other steps are very straightforward.

In the next post. We will prepare the database and create a crud application.

Part 3

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